I have known Dr. Neal Wieder for over 17 years. He is by far my me of the most ethical, compassionate and skilled chiropractors in the Southeast. I have seen him refund money to patients who felt his treatment wasn't for him. Insurance carriers have created so many divides and bad feelings between doctors and patients due to misinformation given to the doctors staff. Patients often forget that insurance is a contract between them and the carrier. Dr Wieder has a support team behind the scenes to simplify his practice. His concierge type practice delivers high quality, personalized care that is hard to find in today's marketplace. Dr. Neal Wieder has changed thousands of lives with his masterful blend of Chiropractic, Quantum Neurology,
Nutrition and Acupuncture. I believed so much in Dr Wieder I worked for him and eventually married him.

Sheila S.

Last year I was having terrible intestinal problems along with my chronic neck and back pain.  Dr. Wieder adjusted my diet and started me on a regimen of supplements that helped me to start feeling better again.  He also advised me on ways to properly deal with stress (which exacerbates stomach issues and pain) and of course performed chiropractic adjustments.  Dr. Wieder did not make any crazy claims or promises and provided a realistic, but optimistic outcome.  After about 10 weeks, I started feeling like my old self again and continued to improve under his care.  He's extremely compassionate and kind.  You can tell he really cares about his patients.  I would highly recommend Dr. Wieder to any of my friends who were in need of chiropractic, acupuncture and nutritional care.

Jay R.

Doctor Weider is very knowledgeable and has taken great care  of my clients. He also has given me great nutritional advice and is on top of the best supplements to help with your health.

Bill U.

I have always known Dr. Neal Wieder to be a caring and compassionate physician. He is very thorough and has provided me with appropriate medical education as well as excellent care. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing chiropractic care.

Sharon D.

Dr. Weider is in the same office complex I am and when he heard about the car accident I was in last year, he offered his services to me.  There was no pressure, it was just an honest offer that I could take or leave.  I don't like Doctors very much and I prefer to stay away from them so I talked to him when I saw him around and asked some questions, which he answered.  He seemed to know what he was talking about, so I told him I'd get some x-rays and he could look at them.  Well, it had been several months since my accident (car was hit and rolled twice and the hairline fracture in my leg had since healed) and there was still a little bit of back pain in my tail bone that just never healed right.  He said he'd take a look and over the next few weeks, he did his chiropractic things with some pops, cracks and pressure in certain places and by the end of the few weeks, the pain was significantly less.  (There was a noticeable difference after the first 2 visits).  It wasn't gone but he and I both thought that treatment should stop.  And sure enough, the pain gradually got better over the following weeks.  I went back once more because my back flared up a little and he took care of it right away.  I was very happy with his work and his manner.

Just a few days ago, and several months later than the incident above, I was sitting in my office, working, and out of the blue, I couldn't get out of my chair.  This has not been a problem in the past.  In fact, I haven't had to think about my back for several months.  Dr. Weider eased the pain after wheeling me into his office and my back is in the process of recovery today, but I can get up and down and walk a lot better than I could yesterday.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Weider.  I ask a lot of questions and he does a good job at answering them to my satisfaction.  I suspect that he will be able to answer your questions too.

John S.

Dr.Neal Wieder really helped me out, I could barely walk when I started with him and within 3 weeks recovered and feel Great

Tony جاويد شاه

Very nice helpful and friendly. I get CBD oil for my dog daisy and it works wonders for her anxiety.

Jason F.

I've been a patient for over 35 years and Dr. Wieder has always had the time for me. He listens to my issues and even suggests exercises to help me recover. He not only is my doctor, but he's my friend in health.

Robbie R.

I highly recommend Dr. Wieder! I saw him after I threw out my back more than a year ago and he helped tremendously. I now see him several times a year for normal adjustments. I really think my back does a lot better when I regularly see a chiropractor and I recommend him to all. He is very patient and speaks to you to understand what you want and what limitations you may have.

Jimmy C.