Cupping is Best Performed by Licensed Acupuncturists

Cupping is Best Performed by Licensed Acupuncturists

Our staff Acupuncturist Dr. Sheila L. Scott graduated summa cum laude from the the prestigious Orlando Acupuncture College Florida College of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Scott spent many hours learning how to master the ancient art of 'Cupping'. She was trained performing cupping the classic way of using glass cups which have a lighted probe extract the oxygen out of the glass cup and then it is quickly placed on different areas of the body.

Cupping is extremely helpful in stimulating blood flow to stagnant areas, decreasing muscle tension, reducing pain and detoxing the body of unwanted toxins.

Many of you may remember that Michael Phelps received cupping in the last Olympics he swam in to help him reduce stress and hypertonicity in his back muscles. Obviously they helped as he won quite a few Gold medals.

Dr. Sheila L. Scott, AP, MSOM, Dipl NCCAOM

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    Dr. Neal Wieder is the founder of Pure Chiropractic & Natural Health. Dr. Wieder was the fifth youngest intern in his Chiropractic College and achieved his Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine at the age of twenty three. He was asked after graduation by his clinic director to remain in New York and be the college's youngest Assistant Clinic Director. He chose to move directly to Florida where he started his first office in May of 1979.