Avoid Sciatica Pain With Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Therapy Best Option for Sciatica Pain

So much more than just leg pain! So many people when they experience leg pain, automatically think they have, 'sciatica'. Sciatica affects 10-40% of the population. What the majority of folks don't realize that sciatic-like symptoms can be caused by many things such has a pinched or spastic muscle, a disc herniation or disc bulge, an inflamed facet joint, misaligned vertebrae, inflamed muscle trigger points, foot instability problems. Regardless of the source of the pain as a Chiropractor practicing in Lake Mary, Florida for over 43 years, we are experts in determining the cause of the problem. Hundreds of our Lake Mary patients have found relief in our practice using one of several types of treatment: chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy such as ultrasound and or electrical muscle stimulation, myofascial release therapy, Acupuncture, Laser neurology, deep tissue massage to name a few natural measures. In addition, many patients suffer with adrenal fatigue which we treat using natural supplements to strengthen the adrenal gland (AKA the stress gland).

Is Chiropractic Care For Me?

When choosing the correct treatment by the best type of practitioner, ask about their experience with treating sciatic type problems and the results their patient's experienced. Keep in mind the source and cause of the sciatica determines the course of treatment and the approximate length of time it may take to yield relief of the sciatic type symptoms. Always remember that medication only covers the symptoms and does nothing to treat the problem, thus making Chiropractic care your first avenue of treatment.

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    Dr. Neal Wieder is the founder of Pure Chiropractic & Natural Health located in Lake Mary, Florida. Dr. Wieder has committed the past 45 years to helping patients from around the United States and the world regain their health and well-being through Chiropractic, Nutrition and Acupuncture when needed. Dr. Wieder has extensive experience treating newborns, infants, children and adults. Chances are he can help you with his advanced state of the art procedures that are safe, effective in helping you obtain quick and fast results.