Auto Accident Treatment That Works

Auto Accident Treatment That Works

Chiropractic care in the office of Dr. Neal Wieder has been helping patients for over 40 years who have been in recent car crashes. Dr. Wieder has treated thousands of auto injury victims and is well known in the legal community for accurately diagnosing your condition. Your first visit in our office is over an hour long, and Dr. Wieder focuses on listening to all of your concerns. Dr. Wieder recommends the correct treatment for your injuries which may include undergoing X-rays, MRI scan, consultations with specialists and then an effective and painless course of cutting edge chiropractic care, rehab exercises that will get you functioning at your best under the circumstances.

If you have been in a recent car accident you now have only 14 days to get into see us or your insurance will not cover you.

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    Dr. Neal Wieder is the founder of Pure Chiropractic & Natural Health. Dr. Wieder was the fifth youngest intern in his Chiropractic College and achieved his Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine at the age of twenty three. He was asked after graduation by his clinic director to remain in New York and be the college's youngest Assistant Clinic Director. He chose to move directly to Florida where he started his first office in May of 1979.